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  • Cathy Grassl - Marks Nelson Vohland Camp 
    "Our firm invited Janis to conduct her business etiquette series for all of our partners and staff. Needless to say it was not dry or boring. We had fun while learning etiquette essentials along the way." Marks Nelson Vohland Campbell Radetic/ Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants "

  • Amy Felton - Kansas City, MO 
    "My friends and I had a great time in our private adult class. Janis makes "etiquette" fun and easy. We were able to laugh at ourselves and some of the situations we have been in where we weren't quite sure what the "proper thing to do" was. I would definitely recommend this class for anyone wanting to have a complete etiquette makeover, hosting a formal dinner party or just polishing their social graces. "

  • Jolene Conway - Warrensburg, MO 
    "Janis did a good job of tailoring the program to each age group. My three daughters thought the program was fun and want to take the classes again next year."

  • Niki Henrie - Overland Park, KS 
    "Ashlyn has always had a terrible time with biting her fingernails and for the first time she has fingernails and is painting them! I think Kayla was a little self conscious about being so tall and I love that she is happy to work on her posture and standing up tall! "

  • Denise Johnson - Univ.of KS Medical Center 
    " After attending your presentation, the international students have expressed how you helped them to feel much more confident in accepting future dinner and party invitations. Your ability to put people at ease was noticeable when the internationals were comfortable enough with you to ask a number of questions. I’ve even heard them quoting you as I pass by study rooms and labs! Thank you for sharing your expertise with our group. Denise Johnson ESL & Cultural Programs Coordinator University of Kansas Medical Center "

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